True & False Prophecy

“All the fragmented traditions and tribes of Christendom, here in America at least, appear eager to claim the prophetic legacy for themselves. I see this happening left and right. But in all of this, I usually see a picking and choosing of only select fragments and slivers of the prophetic tradition, so that biblical prophecy gets drastically reduced, left and right.

“And as a life-long student of the prophets, this has led me to the following convictions. On the one hand, when prophecy gets reduced to the prediction of eschatological promises, it is destined to end in triumphalist hubris and anxious self-securing. On the other hand, when prophecy gets reduced to the cause of social justice, it is destined to end in partisan zeal and angry disillusionment. And in either case, when prophecy stops short of facing up to the end and yielding to the apocalyptic vision, which entails its own martyrdom, then it is destined to become false prophecy.”

—Rickie Moore


Author: Chris EW Green

Associate Professor of Theology Pentecostal Theological Seminary

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